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10 February 2020The Art and Craft of John Piper
13 January 2020 Jewelled Journeys:The Art of Opulent Travel
09 December 2019 A Dickens of a Christmas and God Bless us Everyone.
11 November 2019Auguste Renoir: a Colourful Life.
14 October 2019Power, Propaganda and Men in Tights: English Art under the Tudors
10 June 2019AGM followed by: Stylish Times - Art Deco Design and Building
13 May 2019Manet and his Milieu
08 April 2019Threads of History; the World of the Bayeux Tapestry
11 March 2019Where Leonardo meets Picasso: The World’s Most Expensive Art
11 February 2019Masters of Art Nouveau: Gallé, Tiffany and Lalique
10 December 2018The History and Art of the Nativity Crib
12 November 2018Temples, Tombs and Treasures: In Search of the Queen of Sheba
08 October 2018A Rebel on the Run: Caravaggio’s Final Years
11 June 2018‘Brilliant Things’ - Ancient Egyptian Faience
14 May 2018Picasso and Cubism.
09 April 2018 Vermeer: The Musical Pictures: Paintings Inspired by Music & Music Inspired by Paintings (with Recordings)
12 March 2018Hidden Canvases: Street Art & the City.
12 February 2018Adam Silver:1760-1800 ‘A Curious Case Of Reverse Development’
08 January 2018John Singer Sargent: Much More Than a Modern Van Dyck
11 December 2017Frost Fairs on the Frozen Thames
13 November 2017The Twelfth-Century Winchester Bible
09 October 2017As if by Magic - Turner’s Watercolour Techniques.
12 June 20177.30pm AGM followed by Paul Gauguin: From Western Civilisation to the South Seas
08 May 2017Anatomy in the Art of Leonardo da Vinci
10 April 2017English Caricatures from Hogarth to Punch
13 March 2017The Story of Grayson Perry - from Essex Punk Potter to Superstar National Treasure
13 February 2017Giotto: The Legend and the Reality
09 January 2017The Gilded Stage: A Social and Cultural History of Opera
12 December 2016A History of Modern Pantomime from Ancient to Modern Times
14 November 2016Photography as Fine Art
10 October 2016Rescuing Zeugma from the Flood Waters of the Euphrates
13 June 2016AGM & Illustrating ‘Alice’: Some Views of Wonderland
09 May 2016The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-offending
11 April 201619th Century Russian Art
14 March 2016Monet & the Impressionists : the Joy & the Torment
08 February 2016Magnificent Mosaics – Windows into the Colourful Roman World
11 January 2016Art Treasures of Paris Please note this lecture will be held in the EEE building
14 December 2015That Pretty German Toy – Musings on The Christmas Tree
09 November 2015Art & the Napoleonic Wars.
12 October 2015 Pugin and the Gothic Revival
08 June 2015AGM followed by: The British Seaside Holiday. The history, architecture, health benefits & pleasures that have shaped our holidays.
11 May 2015 Paula Rego: Painting Women on the Edge and Telling Tales of the Unexpected . Works which suggest complicated narratives full of psychological tension, drama, and emotion
13 April 2015 Marc Chagall and the supremacy of blue. Chagall, the quintessential alien in exile, uses blue to unite floating figures in a rootless universe.
09 March 2015 Beyond Borders: Fortified and Painted Churches in Romania The gothic churches of Transylvania & monasteries of Moldavia, famous for frescoes from the Orthodox Byzantine tradition
09 February 2015 Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals - 'Art in the Garden of God' A new look at 17th century Dutch painting.
12 January 2015 Art and The English Bible This lecture will be held in Lecture Theatre EEE in Building 32 on University Road (see picture)
08 December 2014 Wonder Workers & the Art of Illusion
10 November 2014Vincent van Gogh - Emotion in Paint How van Gogh expressed his own turbulent emotions and reflected the turmoil of his era through strong colour and bold brushstrokes
13 October 2014Valerie Woodgate: Paths of Glory. Art and the Great War How artists, who experienced the war, depicted it and how each side responded to its aftermath.
09 June 2014AGM at 7.30 pm – followed by Aboriginal Art and Culture: From Dreamtime to Machine Time
12 May 2014 Toulouse-Lautrec and the Golden Age of Cabaret
14 April 2014 Klimt and the Viennese Secession
10 February 2014 Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals - 'Art in the Garden of God' The flowering of Dutch art in 17th Century Holland
10 February 2014 The Frome Hoard: The Largest Pot of Roman Coins found in Britain
10 February 2014Rembrandt, Vermeer and Frans Hals - 'Art in the Garden of God' The flowering of Dutch art in 17th Century Holland
13 January 2014Travel Broadens the Mind: Artists and their Travels from Van Eyck to Gauguin
09 December 2013 The History of Stained Glass as Seen Through the Christmas Story
11 November 2013Jewellery as an Art Form, 1960 – 2012
14 October 2013 The life and works of Anthony van Dyck
10 June 2013AGM - then Treasures of the Royal Collection of Art
13 May 2013Pioneers of Modern Architecture
08 April 2013Art Treasures of Madrid
11 March 2013From Vanbrugh to Repton: The English Landscape Garden
11 February 2013Matisse: Master of Colour
14 January 2013Venice: The Architecture of a Renaissance City
10 December 2012Three wise men: gold, frankincense and myrrh; the traditions of the Magi
12 November 2012Degas, Realist or Impressionist?
08 October 2012Lost on the Titanic: The story of the Great Omar Binding

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The Art and Craft of John Piper Jo Walton Monday 10 February 2020

From romantic images of British architecture, to the windows of the new Coventry Cathedral, this lecture explores the work of John Piper – one of Britain’s most versatile 20th century artists.

An abstract painter in the 1930s, John Piper was also a writer, critic and typographer and his love of architecture – especially medieval churches and stained glass – made him a highly sensitive observer of his surroundings. During the Second World War, he became one of the best known Official War Artists, creating powerful images of the destruction of Coventry Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament and of the city of Bath, as well as recording a wide range of buildings, from derelict Welsh cottages to the grandeur of Windsor Castle.

Piper’s friendships with figures from the worlds of literature, ballet and music led him in further creative directions. He worked on the Shell Guides to Britain with his close friend, John Betjeman and designed sets and costumes for the operas of Benjamin Britten. In his fifties he began to design stained glass, creating monumentally beautiful windows for the new Coventry Cathedral and the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool, as well as tiny, jewel-like lunettes for country churches near his home in Buckinghamshire. Piper’s love of architecture and landscape informed all his work, and in this lecture we’ll explore the many ways in which his interests and enthusiasms led to prolific creativity.

 Jo Walton: Has combined teaching and lecturing with a career in art bookselling and has been a volunteer guide at both Tate Britain and Tate Modern. Now a freelance lecturer for The Arts Society, the Art Fund, and Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery and local art societies.