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01 November 2019Hampshire & Isle of Wight Area Study Days held at Southampton City Art Gallery
07 March 2019History of the Medici: Bankrolling the Renaissance
02 November 2018Area Study Days on “Art & Literature”
08 March 2018Looking at Me, Looking at You: The Representation of Women In Western Art
03 November 2017Study days organised by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Area
27 February 2017Study Days Held in Winchester Spring 2017 "Travellers Tales"
23 February 2017The Romanovs: Tyrants and Martyrs of Imperial Russia
04 November 2016Hampshire Study Days Held at the Southampton City Art Gallery “Music to their Eyes”
18 February 2016Modern Art and the Old Masters: Tradition & Innovation
26 January 2016Hampshire Area Study Days in Winchester "Searching for Spain"
05 November 2015Hampshire Area Five Day Study Course The Art & Architecture of the World's Religions
26 March 2015Murderers, Magicians, Madmen and Monarchs: Shakespeare through Artists' Eyes
26 March 2014The ‘New’ Berlin and Historic Dresden: Art and Architecture
28 March 2013Portraiture

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Hampshire & Isle of Wight Area Study Days held at Southampton City Art Gallery
Various lecturers Friday 01 November 2019

How Art & Architecture Reflect Society

Friday Ist Nov: Rosamond Bartlett: Ancient & Contemporary Designs of Denmark & Norway

Thursday 7th Nov: Sally Dormer: Architecture, Religious & Social Purposes of Medieval churches

Friday 15th Nov: Clare Ford-Wille: Art & Architecture of Baroque Europe

 Friday 22nd Nov: Paula Nuttall: Functions of Italian Renaissance Buildings

 Friday 29th Nov: Anne Anderson: How Ancient British Buildings inspired 19th Century Architecture & went on to shape Modern Times

 Held at Southampton City Art Gallery

£125 – five sessions or £25 for individual sessions

Contact: Penny Witherick 01590 672909